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Legal Practice Areas

Transportation Security Administration

Checkpoint Abuse | Civil Penalities | Civil Forfeiture | PreCheck / Global Entry | No Fly / Watch Lists
Since its creation in 2002, the TSA has been rife with civil rights abuses. An agency with too much power and too little oversight, combined with inadequate training and rapid employee turnover, has led to outrageous incidents on a regular basis. You'll find no lawyer more passionate about defending your rights as it relates to airport security screening, including lawsuits alleging abuse, defending travelers against TSA-issued civil penalties, fighting civil forfeiture resulting from TSA or any other federal agency seizure, as well as any issues relating to trusted travler (PreCheck, GE, NEXUS, etc.) or watch (no-fly, selectee, etc.) lists.

Police Misconduct

False Arrest | Unlawful Search | Excessive Force
Few things are scarier than when the police make a mistake -- or worse, decide to violate your rights on purpose. If you were "not free to go," or were searched, and the police did not have a legal reason, we can help. Likewise, if you were mistreated while in police custody, you may have an excessive force claim. We can tell you if you've got a case and help you recover. Claims are brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act, the Civil Rights Act, or Bivens claims proceedings.

Private Misconduct

Sexual Assault | Nightlife Abuse | Emotional Distress | Attorney Misconduct
Far too often, survivors of sexual abuses are unable to obtain justice through the criminal courts. We can help you recover money through the civil system, so even if you can't send them to jail, you can make them pay. We've had particular success recovering for those who have been assaulted under the guise of a "security search" at nightclubs or event venues. We can also help you if you were the client of an attorney whose actions or failures cost you money.

Other Federal Litigation

Copyright Infringement | Gun Licenses | Freedom of Information Act | Consumer Credit | Contracts/Torts
We handle lawsuits in the federal courts of most varieties. In particular, we've represented companies sued by "copyright trolls," we've challenged denials to gun license applications, we can go after the government when they refuse to turn over public records, and we can sue collection agencies and credit reporting agencies when they won't fix their mistakes. We also do general contract litigation and tort (assault, negligence, emotional distress, etc.) claims when they are in the federal court system.