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Employment Law

When employers discriminate against an employee based on their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability (any medical condition that interferes with your ability to work), or other protected status, the employee should fight back, and hiring Corbett Rights, P.C. to fight for your interests ensures that you have aggressive advocates on your side. Likewise, an employer that does not pay minimum wage, or does not pay what they owe, can be dealt with swiftly.

Corbett Rights, P.C. also provides defense counsel for select employers when they are unjustly sued for discrimination, ADA non-compliance, or other lawsuit types. Protecting good faith actors helps employees who actually encounter abuse to be taken seriously and gives our attorneys the benefit of experience from both sides of the equation. Please note that this firm will not accept employer clients who wilfully abuse their employees; please contact your local bar association to find alternative counsel.

Please request a free consultation if you are dealing with a discrimination, wage theft, or hostile workplace issue.

Notable Cases

• Corbett recovered $40,000 for a bartender after her employer failed to pay minimum wage "shift pay."