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Civil Rights?
We Got You.

When the government or corporations get it wrong, this attorney specializes in making it right.

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Police Misconduct

False arrest. Unlawful search. Excessive force. Your Fourth Amendment rights matter, and we'll help you find justice.

TSA & Travel Rights

If you've been abused at a TSA checkpoint, issued a civil penalty or civil forfeiture notice, or have PreCheck or watch list problems, we can help.

Private Lawsuits

We sue public and private entities for wage theft, sexual assault, discrimination (incl. ADA), and hostile workplaces.

Why Hire Us? Our Values

Jonathan Corbett became a lawyer and started this firm for one reason: to fight for those who have been wronged. While other firms take cases based on how much money they can make, we take cases based on how much we can make a difference to people who need it.

You will find no attorney and no firm that cares more deeply about seeing justice done for you. If you seek a passionate advocate for your cause, look no further.

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Request a Free Legal Consultation

Please give us a brief (five sentences or less) idea of the nature of your legal issue and we will contact you for additional details. Include where and when it happened and the nature of your injury. For example, "I was detained last week at a protest by XYZ City police and was held for 2 hours before being released," or, "I worked at a restaurant in ABC City for the last 5 years and have been paid less than minimum wage," both give us all the information we need to start.
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Contacting Mr. Corbett using this form (or via e-mail) does not create an attorney-client relationship or attorney-client privilege. Please do not send confidential information in initial correspondence. There is no charge for the initial review of your case.