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Police & Security Abuse

If you have been falsely arrested, illegally searched, or abused while in police custody, Corbett Rights, P.C. can help. We believe that your constitutional right to be free from abusive policing is non-negotiable and should be strictly enforced. We happily stand up for individuals against well-funded municipal, state, or federal governments when cops get it wrong.

Just as police can and do break the law, private security firms can cause injuries just as bad. Particularly in nightlife settings, untrained or unhinged security guards may result in assault, battery, or false arrest, as well as sexual misconduct.

Please request a free consultation if you have an issue with law enforcement or a private security firm.

Notable Cases

• Corbett Rights, P.C. represented Plaintiffs in Russo v. Los Angeles, recovering $15,000 for a pair of protesters detained for no more than exercising their right to free speech.
• Corbett represented music festival attendees in a lawsuit alleging a security company strip searched them.
• Corbett sued a New York City nightclub over searching attendees by groping their genitals, recovering from both the nightclub and the private security firm.