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Travel & TSA Rights

If you are having a problem with TSA, you will find no firm more dedicated to standing up to TSA abuse than Corbett Rights, P.C.. Firm founder Jonathan Corbett, Esq., was the first to litigate the constitutionality of forcing body scanners upon the public after their deployment in 2010, was first to prove their inefficacy on camera, and continues to fight the TSA's encroachments upon liberties on a daily basis.

• If you were strip searched, detained, or abused at the checkpoint, we can help.
• If you were issued a civil penalty or had your property taken, we can help.
• If you were put on a watch list or refused for a trusted traveler list, such as PreCheck or Global Entry, we can help.

Corbett Rights, P.C. also deals with lawsuits against airlines. If you were injured on an airplane, or had to deal with the emotional distress of an emergency landing, or other abusive conduct by an airline, please get in touch.

Notable Cases

• Corbett Rights, P.C. litigated Osmon v. United States, which established that the federal government is liable for intentional abuse by its TSA screeners, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, on behalf of a woman gratuitously molested by a TSA screener.
• This firm also litigated Leuthauser v. United States, which established the same in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in a case where a woman was digitally penetrated during a "groin search" by TSA.
• Corbett led a class-action lawsuit against United Airlines over Flight 328, on which an engine explosion and massive fire led passengers to fear for their lives.

Please request a free consultation if you have an issue with TSA or an airline.