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Civil Forfeiture

Civil forfeiture is an abusive means of separating law-abiding Americans from their hard-earned money. Laws currently allow the government to allege that they have "probable cause" that your money is affiliated with drug dealing, after which they take your funds and require you to go to court if you want to get it back. If you fail to meet strict deadlines, your money is forever gone and used to fund the continued growth of the police state. Even if you are never arrested or charged with a crime.

Previously, police were incintivized to recklessly conduct civil forfeiture because, at worst, they were ordered to return the money. But, Corbett Rights, P.C. aggressively fights not just the seizure of your property, but also any false arrests, illegal searches, abusive of process, or other misconduct surrounding the forfeiture, allowing clients the chance of recovering more than the value of what was seized. For example, Corbett represented a film maker who had $70,000 stolen from him by TSA and DEA, and in 2021, recovered all $70,000 plus an additional $15,000 in money damages.

Please request a free consultation if the government has taken your cash, cars, house, or any other property.

Notable Cases

• After TSA & DEA stole $70,000 from a filmmaker lawfully traveling with cash, Corbett not only recovered all $70,000, but an additional $15,000 settlement for the unlawful detention incident to the theft.